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HTX - Very High Temperature Connector

The HTX is Hermetic Seal’s answer to the need for extreme harsh environment Hermetically Sealed interconnects!

Incorporating the latest material science, HSC has developed the next generation of Very High Temperature & High Vibration Interconnect systems to meet evolving applications in Aerospace, Defense and Oil & Gas Exploration. This connector family utilizes a unique combination of materials to provide previously unattainable electrical connectivity in very high temperatures.

Designed to provide insulation resistance properties of greater than 1,000 Megaohms at 1,000 VDC while operating at 800⁰F (426⁰C) and be leak tight to 1 x 10-9 cc/second of Helium at 1 atmosphere these connectors redefine the phrase, high-performance.

Deliverable in Mil Spec and EN compatible plug and receptacle configurations dimensionally equivalent to MIL-DTL-83723 and EN2997, or customer specific geometries, this is a versatile interconnect technology that is advancing with every new application.

Hermetic Seal - High Tempetarure Connectors