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Since 1945, Hermetic Seal has remained the premier designer and manufacturer of high reliability hermetically sealed, electrical interconnection devices. Its products are used in sensing and actuating systems by the aerospace and defense, oil and gas, and medical device industries around the world.

Hermetic Seal products include qualified military connectors, high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) bulkhead connectors, very high temperature connectors, and ruggedized connectors that combine glass seals with advanced PEEK (polyetheretherketone) molding technology.

Its connectors are used in subsea applications for deep water oil and gas exploration reaching previously unreachable depths of the world’s oceans as well as aboard NASA rovers and space probes sent to explore to Mars, Jupiter, and beyond.

Today, 75 years since its founding, Hermetic Seal is positioned for the future. It recently opened an Engineering Center of Excellence, where it expects to develop products specifically for the latest generation of commercial aircraft, the most-demanding oil and gas applications, and the most-advanced medical technology.